Our Pain Management Specialists

The Pain Center at Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital practices a team approach to pain management that includes a highly skilled staff who are experts in pain management, anesthesiology and nursing.

Utilizing a patient-centered methodology, our pain management doctors work together with our radiologists, nurses and physical therapists to evaluate, diagnose and treat complex pain syndromes and post-injury pain. Treatment plans are tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

The Pain Center is located on the west side of the Kansas Spine campus, inside the Abay Neuroscience Center, at 3223 N. Webb Road, Suite 3.

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  • Chandra Tokala, MD

    Chandra Tokala, MD

    Pain Management & Anesthesiology

  • Jared T. Scott, MD

    Jared T. Scott, MD

    Pain Management

  • Robert J. Ain, MD

    Robert J. Ain, MD

    Pain Management

  • Rhonda Janzen, APRN

    Rhonda Janzen, APRN

    Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

  • Tania Cox, APRN

    Tania Cox, APRN

    Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

  • Rosa

    Rosa "Katy" Maus, MSN, FPN-C

    Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

  • Sarah Kinderknecht, MSN, FNP, APRN-C

    Sarah Kinderknecht, MSN, FNP, APRN-C

    Advanced Practice Registered Nurse